Medical Weight Loss

Weight loss can change someone’s life in so many ways. It obviously improves one’s health and wellness, but also impacts their self image and confidence. I’ve seen firsthand how Dr. Tuesday’s Get Fit Plan can change someone’s life and their perspective on life.

Medical Weight Loss

“Dr. Tuesday’s Get Fit Plan helps determined patients lose weight and maintain it through a healthy lifestyle. I provide knowledge and encouragement along the way to ensure they are successful. Seeing patients reach their goals, and change their lives because of it, is definitely the best part of my job!”– Valerie White

Get Fit Plan Introduction

We are the most overfed, undernourished country in the world. This is caused by our American diet, our tendency to gobble down FAST FOODS on the run, the bad habits we learn at a young age at home which is reinforced by friends, school, and TV causing a life long struggle of weight loss, diabetes, and heart disease. Almost two thirds of American adults are now considered to be overweight.

High sugar, starchy diets, lack of exercise, fake sweeteners, trans fatty acids, and other artificial additives turn our normal metabolic processes upside down adversely affecting all organ systems in the body. This results in high blood pressure, type II diabetes, oxidative stress, inflammation, tumors, mood disorders, accelerated aging, heart disease and premature death. There is a direct correlation between obesity and type II diabetes which eventually may lead to heart disease, the number onecause of death in the U.S.

You may have tried it all – the grapefruit diet, the cabbage diet, Atkin’s diet, Sugar Busters, low carb, low protein, and on and on. But for whatever reason, it results in “another defeat” and once again you must observe the slow and inexorable increase of weight gain on your scale. Then you find “another new diet…” and the cycle repeats itself…over and over. I believe the reason people have poor results with dieting is that we are impatient when it comes to trying to get those extra pounds off. If one doesn’t see results quickly, they become frustrated and abandon the efforts. This is the primary reason that we have made the hcg diet program available for our patients.

Dr. Tuesday’s Get Fit Plan offers you a diet that involves a natural hormone that is safe and effective to help you lose 18 – 22 pounds in 23 days at a rate of ½ -1 pound per day. You will lose the abnormal excess fat but not the good fat in your body and you will notice a resculpting of your body shape.

Dr. Simeon of Italy developed the protocol many years ago and successfully treated thousand of patients. He discovered the hormone increases your metabolism and encourages a sensation of fullness (less hunger). The 500 calorie per day diet may seem severe but patients typically state that they don’t feel hungry and they find it hard to actually eat the 500 calories. Of interest, that is the one thing that is known to increase longevity (your lifespan) is caloric restriction (eating less). The hormone resets your hypothalamus so that weight reduction is long lasting if you maintain reasonable eating habits. We look forward to guiding you through this weight loss process and helping you to succeed!

The hormone, HCG, alters the way your body breaks down food. When your body senses the hormone, it thinks that you are “pregnant”. This in combination with the low caloric intake will cause your body to take the calories that it needs from your fat cells, and “feed those calories to the baby”. But since there is no baby, you get the benefit of those calories so that you do not feel hungry even though you are eating only 500 calories per day.

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