Educating yourself as much as possible about your breast lift is a vital part of ensuring that your results are ideal. As soon as you’ve decided that a breast lift is for you, it is important to start considering the options you have. Breast lifts are aimed at lifting and enhancing breasts that sag excessively due to aging, pregnancy or genetics.

A board-certified cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Tuesday Bigelow can sit with you and go over your various options for your breast lift. Considering your goals and body type, the surgical technique of a breast lift can be modified to suit your specific needs. Periareolar lifts (or crescent lifts), circumareolar lifts (or donut lifts) and circumvertical lifts (lollipop lifts) are some of a variety of surgical strategies. For example, the donut lift features an incisions around the areolar complex which consequently limits the size and diameter of the circular scar.

Ultimately, it will come down to what best suits your body and your goals. If you would like to sit down for a consultation, please contact us at our office in Scottsboro.