Can Bellafill be used to fill cheeks permanently?


A complete consultation and history is necessary in order to develop your best course of action. Bellafill is and FDA approved filler that is long term. It is the only filler that , recently, received and published its 5 year studies. That stated it most likely will last many years past this. It is one of my favorite fillers as you own it and do not rent it ( meaning other fillers disappear and you start from ground zero over and over again). That sated should you be unhappy with it , it could be permanent. So you must look for a cosmetic surgeon who has experience with this filler and knows how to best utilize it. I use it on the entire face with the exception of the lips. The cheeks are enhanced beautifully with it. – Dr. B


It is a great filler for cheek enhancement. It is permanent, so you need to go to a trusted injector. It has PMMA spheres that stimulate your own body to create collagen. You continue to age, so you will need more as time goes on. I have 8 syringes in my cheeks. – Dr. W


Permanent fillers have potential longterm complications. Our office specializes in the removal of these fillers if surgically possible.
– Dr. K

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