Krystal Benton

Dr. Bigelow has been my “please keep me looking young” doctor for 20 years…now, as I approach 50, I look essentially the same as I did in my early thirties. ( Let’s just say closer to 50 than 40). For me, ‘best offense has been great defense’. Dr. Bigelow has always taken time to educate me about my options at every stage and has helped me make choices that were cost effective and that I felt were best for me. Early in the game, I understand the importance of using effective skin care products and getting in office skin treatments that she recommended. Other than that, I had a little Botox several times a year. Then, as life happens, I moved over three hours away and tried to find similar care but was repeatedly unsatisfied. I saw a lot friends, clients, and acquaintances who had had things done and looked very unnatural and just “odd”. As I got a little older, I began noticing the loss of volume in my face and didn’t trust anyone else enough to have anything done. I scheduled time to return to see Dr. Bigelow and had Bellafill to restore the fullness and shape of my face to the way it looked in my younger years. I have always been fortunate to have a nice shaped lips and have never really wanted enlarged lips but recently began noticing that my lips were disappearing and getting tiny lines around them. My latest procedure was placement of PDO threads to restore an edge on the borders of my lips. I love them…it’s very natural, subtle change but I feel like it makes a huge difference. I also had a few threads placed to raise my eyebrows just a tad. Dr. Bigelow has kept me looking “the same and natural” for twenty years…I’m going to stick with that.

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