Margaret P

“Dr. Tuesday is my favorite doctor, she even tells me how pretty my skin is, and I’m pretty, and I never felt that way about myself. And I know she means it from the bottom of her heart. Before I started to go to her I was 57, felt old and no hope for me at my age. I don’t know how to put this in words, but she REALLY! changed my life for the better, I can’t thank her enough for how I feel about myself now. She really strives hard to please her patient’s to the point of a perfectionist. I would recommend her to every women that wants to feel better about themselves. The bottom line is, all of her team are just the BEST. I love and thank everyone of them for the time, kindness, and effort they gave me and I will keep going to her until I’m to old to drive anymore.”

Source: Smilereminder

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