Tina Marie

I was interested in having the Nova Threads in my neck. I found Dr Bigelow doing a Google search and she had several videos on YouTube about herself and her facility. After watching them, I decided to drive from Anniston to have my procedures done by Dr Bigelow. I’m over 40 and talked with Dr Bigelow about several procedures that could help with sagging skin, fine lines etc. I had done my research and I knew what I wanted. She listened patiently and then said no, lol. She said I wouldn’t be happy with the results and instead suggested a completely different treatment plan. I agreed to follow her suggestions. I had dermal fillers to even out the skin in several areas, over 100 units of Botox and the Nova Threads for the brows. I am incredibly happy with the results. She did an amazing job. She was very patient with me and really explained why I would want a procedure and why I would not. She is a true artist. She could have just done as I had asked but I believe she genuinely cared that I was going to be pleased with the final results. Well she was spot on. Her facility is very modern and office staff were friendly and helpful. Pricing is competitive or slightly below other facilities. I highly recommend!!

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