Sagging of the face can have a major impact on your appearance. Wrinkles and lines in the skin develop over time because of the skin’s gradual loss in elasticity. Classically, for sagging and wrinkling around the cheeks, chin and other parts of the face, there has been the facelift. For those who are seeking a more subtle and minor lifting, there is also the option of an S-lift, also known as a mini-facelift.

A mini-facelift is a less invasive version of the traditional facelift. Its name, the “S-lift,” comes from the shape of the incision that is made to tighten the facial skin. This type of lifting is useful for people who have folds and sagging around the cheeks and nasolabial area but do not have extensive sagging around the neck. The incision’s scar will heal along the hairline and is hidden by the natural creases of the skin.

Consult with an experienced cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Tuesday Bigelow if you have questions about the S-lift.

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