Plump lips have become one of the most desirable features among many women, but few are born with them naturally. To achieve a lip enhancement there are many options one can consider. These options range from drugstore lip-plumping glosses to more long-lasting and even permanent augmentations. It all depends on the amount of enhancement desired and how ready you are to commit to a more long-term solution. For women looking for that long-term solution with more pronounced results, a Scottsboro Lip Augmentation through PermaLip may be the best option.

PermaLip is a soft, silicone implant that is made to match the contour of your lips. You can decide how big or how small of a change you want to make. The best part? It’s permanent- as long as you want it to be. The implant can always be removed.¬†Take a look at some of the amazing results some patients have enjoyed through PermaLip!¬†Ready to discuss your options? Contact our office today!