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“A neck lift, also known as a cervical or neck rhytidectomy or cervicoplasty, is a procedure performed in order to create a more youthful neckline and contour. This is done by moving the neck tissues into a more favorable location and may involve the excision of some excess skin and fat. Fat can be removed by excision or by liposuction.”

Neck Lift Introduction

neck lift

The neck lift procedure can involve the removal of excess skin and fat. It also may involve the tightening up of the muscles within the neck (platysmaplasty). This operation is often combined with a Facelift.

If medically possible, all medicines (prescription, over-the-counter/NSAIDs, and herbal/fish oil) that can lead to excessive post-operative bleeding are stopped two weeks before the surgery. The procedure is done, either in a hospital or an outpatient surgery center.

What to Expect

Each patient differs and the extent of work will vary. One incision is typically placed just under the chin. Through this incision the neck muscle can be tightened up and excess fat can be removed. Sometimes, an incision is needed in front of (preauricular) and/or behind (retroauricular) the ear if excess skin needs to be removed. These incision locations are usually well hidden post-operatively.

The operation usually takes from 2-3 hours depending on the extent of neck lift needed and whether or not other procedures are combined with this procedure. Clients will typically go home the same day.

Neck Lift What To Expect

Neck Lift Before and After

Neck Lift FAQs

At what age can a neck lift be performed?

A neck lift can be performed at almost any age, although people usually seek it out between the ages of 30 and 70.

What does a typical neck lift consultation entail?

Dr. Tuesday will listen to what you want to change about your neck, and then she will offer a professional opinion about what can realistically be done to address your concerns. Dr. Tuesday will explain the various techniques available for a neck lift, as well as anesthesia options, incision placements that may be most appropriate for you, and the risks and costs associated with neck lift.

When will I see results?

Although some swelling will be present for several weeks, you should begin to see the results of your neck lift emerge within a week or so.

What are the risks of neck lift?

All surgery has risks and complications, and a neck lift is no exception. Potential risks include an allergic reaction to the anesthesia, infection, hematoma or seroma, lumpiness, numbness, mottling of the skin, cording, asymmetry and general dissatisfaction with the results.

Are the results permanent?

Surgery cannot stop aging so your neck lift results will not last forever. However, they should last for several years before you start to see loose skin in the area again. Be aware that a significant weight gain could cause neck fullness and sagging.

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