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Patients tell me everyday how wonderful my staff is and how comfortable they are in our office. I began my cosmetic surgery career on a mission to make women feel beautiful and more confident. Working alongside such a brilliant staff is very rewarding to see the success of the practice continue to grow year after year. Our mission statement expresses that patient care is our #1 priority, and the staff is 100% on board with this philosophy.



Executive Assistant

Chandra has been with Dr. Tuesday and worked in various roles since 2004. From working at the front desk, being the financial coordinator, transitioning our office from paper to electronic charts, and finally being in the role of Dr. Tuesday’s executive assistant. Chandra continues to wear many hats and is a fantastic asset to our team. She is delighted to be a part of a team where everyone puts the patients’ needs, interest, and care first and foremost. She has many important responsibilities at our office and we couldn’t make it without her! In her free time, Chandra enjoys spending time with her husband, two children and loves 80’s music!

Please feel free to contact Chandra at chandra@tuesdaybigelow.com



Back Office Team Lead | Licensed Scrub Technician

Renee is Dr. Bigelow’s right hand “woman” during procedures, assisting her with virtually every procedure in our AAAHC Accredited Surgical Center, which she has an enormous role in maintaining. Renee has been a licensed scrub technician since 1995; she and Dr. Bigelow worked together years ago at Highlands Medical Center and she was eager and thrilled when the opportunity arose to rejoin Dr. Bigelow at her practice. In addition, Renee is certified through CoolSculpting® Academy . She is committed and passionate about delivering the utmost care to our patients. Renee loves to go fishing in the streams of the Appalachian Mountains, loves being outdoors on the weekends and LOVES Alabama football.

Please feel free to contact Renee at renee@tuesdaybigelow.com



Microblading, Skin Care, CoolSculpting, and Social Media Specialist

Shayla has worked with Dr. Tuesday since 2015. Shayla is a certified Microblading technician through Mila Madden Academy in Eyebrow Microblading Artistry & Safety. She has also been certified through CoolSculpting University. She understands our patients and their needs and is passionate about exceeding their expectations. In addition, she is well-versed in skin care treatments and product knowledge. Her attention to detail and motivation to help others feel beautiful on the inside and out is just another thing that makes Shayla a perfect asset to our team. When she is not hard at work making others feel and look beautiful, you can find Shayla spending time with her husband and son.

Please feel free to contact Shayla at shayla@tuesdaybigelow.com

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